Expedition Kit
Every voyage of discovery throughout history has started with preparation. Gear is compiled or created for specific tasks that the expedition may encounter, based on the experiences of past excursions. In almost every case the best equipment is acquired and sometimes invented to ensure that the expedition will be success. This kit is my preparations for my expedition into the unknown frontier. I have redesigned or invented each piece of inventory to serve my needs on the unforgiving fringe. These are some of the tools needed for survival, navigation, mapping and discovery.

The frontier has always been a place compromised of fringes, areas foreboding and beautiful. Wonderful enough to call people into danger, holding a promise of adventure, and enterprise, for those willingly to bare the discomfort and instability. A place for the fringes of society to prosper.

I am interested in the dynamic pull of function objects. They have a call to be used, and in this case a call to explore the frontier. To re-imagine, redefine and rediscover the frontier of a nation in a time when suburbs span regions Lewis and Clark once marveled at.